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7/24 was National Self-Care Day + My LATE Birthday Announcement

Wow! 38 - I mean 30 GREAT - has arrived and she is powered up. That’s right, Happy Belated 38th Birthday to YahnCé. I wanted to share this special blog on as a reminder to my community that every birth year is a new opportunity to start fresh. Your birthday is a significant time to reflect and renew. Married couples have vow renewals to signify their recommitment to each other or even to reassess where they are and where they would like to go. Well, why not do the same for your individual anniversary or birthday? We get one life and I encourage you to live it intentionally. Be open to elevating to new heights yearly.

From July of last year to now September of this year I have been in a major transformative state. I used last year to take a step back from so many entities and environments. I wanted to reevaluate if certain things were in alignment for me. I did not feel like myself prior to turning 37. People always say “that’s because the old you does not exist”. Big facts! So I took year 37 to reflect and reevaluate much of my life. Taking time to reflect on the past 365 + days ( where I have been to where I would like to go) is a form of self care. It is ok to honor this space even if it means digging deeper, alone, to manifest your goals, hopes, and dreams. No one’s life is perfect but when you live intentionally, learn through your experiences, and honor yourself through your rest, respite, and self care practices, God will lead you through and to perfection.

I have found so much emotional, mental, and spiritual freedom in this time of digging deeper. Freedom from feeling discouraged that life plans didn’t go as planned. Freedom from people-pleasing. Freedom from not understanding or knowing how to forgive others even if they do not recognize that they were in the wrong. Freedom from being placed in a box and being told “you're too much.” Yes, at my big age, can you believe that someone said that to me?

So how did I get here? How did I go from having this heavy weight on my chest and shoulders this past year to feeling and being FREE?

The answer is SELF-CARE and acknowledging my own wants, needs, and worth! I do not want this blog to be anything hinting towards glorifying struggle, but with struggle and sometimes pain, you really

do experience an awakening. Be invested in change and the experience of personal growth! I want to share how I plan to help other women feel free, happy, less stressed, and ultimately secure in the decisions they make for the betterment of their health and life goals.

If this is something you are interested in, please continue reading! Learn the ONE tool I used this past year that helped me turn my trials into triumphs, and my pain into peace.

Have you ever driven fast over a speed bump unknowingly and damaged your front bumper? Well baby this was me, literally and figuratively, all the time! I always say roadblocks and speed bumps in life are there to teach you a lesson. The one biggest lesson I learned is that we MUST take care of ourselves though those speed bumps. Are you apprehensive when approaching? Do you follow the rules and go over slowly? Or are you a risk taker, saying God’s got me (and this car)? Well I have experienced all three and the outcomes still vary. I did notice a constant between them when putting in the self work this past year. The constant was simple: be intentional on allowing yourself time to rest instead of fighting yourself to clean up the mess. Yes, you hit the speed bump and now you are trying to figure it all out. But you don’t have to do this all at once. I empower you all to stop and acknowledge your self-care during these unprecedented moments in life.

This is also why I started a new journey, an author’s journey! The launch of my self-care workbook Be Divine Intentionally: A Self-care Guide and Workbook for the Multifaceted Woman is set to release in 2024. For my birthday this year, although 2 months behind, I decided to give you all a preview of a chapter that helped me develop and grow through age 37 to where I am today, 30 Great.

Affirming and Manifesting is the key and my secret sauce! I can not stress to you how important both are. I encourage you to state to yourself daily what is true and then allow it to process and come into fruition. Manifestation and affirmation go hand-in-hand. In order to manifest your desires, you first have to believe that they are possible. This is where affirmations come in. I told you all it’s truly my secret sauce to leveling up. This particular act of self-care has turned into a weekly ritual for myself. Do I have my days where I still feel down and unproductive? Yes. However, I am intentional on resting followed by affirming myself and manifesting through the storm.

Today I share with you a FREE portion of this chapter from my workbook for you to use as a guide on your life’s journey! Thank you for reading and I hope you join my pre-sale list when it launches at the end of the year.

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