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How do I submit content information?

When you are choosing your item to purchase there will be a description box available. Please input as much detailed content in this box prior to checkout. If you have any additional content or pictures please send it via email to

Do you offer payment plans?

No, Divinely Creations does not offer payment plans. All services must be paid in full before any design process begins. 


What Payment methods do you accept at checkout?

Divinely Creations accepters credit or debit card, or PayPal. Unfortunately, we do not accept cash app, venmo, etc. 


Do You Provide Refunds?

No, all sales are final. Please read the policies and procedures page for more details.


How Can We Communicate with you?

All communication with Divinely Creations will be done via email. It is imperative to have written communication to ensure both parties are on the same page. If a phone consultation is needed a $25 fee will be charged per 30 min phone consult.


What are the Hours of operation?

Divinely Creations operates 7am-4pm Monday through Friday, with frequent blocks within the 9hrs to accommodate the needs of her family.


Are rush orders available?

Yes, rush orders are available. Pricing varies.

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