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“Divinely dancing, weaving dreams in every step”


Divine Dance Artistry mission is to foster a safe and nurturing environment where young female and male, pre-professional dancers, aged 8-18, can cultivate authenticity, dynamism, and versatility both as dancers and individuals. We strive to provide comprehensive opportunities for learning, performance, and career development in the performing arts and entertainment industry, empowering our dancers to reach their full potential and pursue successful professional careers in the arts.



Through our expert instruction, supportive environment, and commitment to excellence, training is the backbone to the Divine Dance Artistry program.


We offer a comprehensive range of dance genres. Our curriculum encompasses the following:


Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Acrobatics, Adult Jazz

Our ballet classes provides a strong foundation in classical ballet technique, focusing on alignment, strength, flexibility, and grace. Students learn fundamental ballet positions, terminology, and movement vocabulary while honing their artistic expression and musicality. In jazz students explore the dynamic and expressive style of jazz dance. From Broadway-inspired choreography to contemporary jazz fusion, our curriculum incorporates a variety of styles and techniques, emphasizing rhythmic precision, fluidity of movement, and individual artistry. Through our intense training students will discover their passion for dance, unlock their potential, and thrive as artists and individuals. 


Through performances, outreach programs, and community events, Divine Dance Artistry actively engages with and enriches the communities it serves. Whether through showcasing the beauty and diversity of dance or through initiatives that promote social responsibility and civic engagement, we contributes to the cultural vitality and well-being of the community though the arts.


Performance opportunities will be local to the DMV area but can expand to travel opportunities in coming years. Divine Dance Artistry is not a competitive dance studio or program, however will elect to expose students with interest to the world of competitive dance upon request. 



Our focus on tailored professional career development experiences will equip dancers with artistic, executive, and leadership skills that will serve them well both on and off the stage. This not only benefits the individual dancers but also strengthens the broader community by fostering a new generation of leaders and creatives. 


Students will engage in collegiate dance prep audition workshops, interview prep, resume courses, professional speaking classes, NBA/NFL pro audition prep and more.


Women of Wakanda
Performed by: Grace Dance Theater

Quick Sand
Performed by: Siani of Grace Dance Theater

Girl With A Mask
Performed by: Macey of Grace Dance Theater


Howard County, MD





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