• Changes, Edits, Revisions to CURRENT website content 
  • Uploading new pictures, graphics, text content to current website pages OR creating a new tab/page for specific events/business needs.
  • Creating registration forms, events, or adding payment hyperlinks.
  • Adding new store items or updating current online store items and its details 
  • Adding new booking options or updating current booking options.
  • Price is set at starting rate for your website upkeep/upgrade needs. If balance is owed Divinely Creations will send you a PayPal Invoice of balance owed.
  • As needed services must be booked at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to your business deadline

Website Update

  • 10 Business Days Max to complete requested update
  • Time frame for service begins when all information and content is received.
  • Please submit as much information in file share section of my website

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